Episode Two: “Enter”

Dear Friends-

What lovely responses we’ve received from you all–you’re the best! Thanks for listening to our first episode last week. This week, we’re highlighting our second episode, “Enter,” while we work on our third.  Thanks for being patient with us as we ease into this new medium–we’re truly learning as we go.

We know some of you have already listened, but if you haven’t yet had a chance, you can find our second episode, “Enter,” HERE

We’d love to share your stories. Did the words “Unfold” or “Enter” open any doors for you this week? Please share by leaving a comment on this post or emailing us at eachholyhour@gmail.com and we’ll include your words in our next podcast.

Please subscribe, send to friends, and share your feedback with us. 

As always, there are plenty of meditations to re-read (and blessings for every threshold of life to share with others here.)

We are delighted to continue this journey with all of you.

With love,

Lindsay and Kim

web: https://eachholyhour.com/
FB: @eachholyhour
IG: each_holy_hour

4 thoughts on “Episode Two: “Enter”

  1. Wonderful that you two springs of life are back in action! I’ve passed on your news to Sarah Klein, but podcasts are insurmountably difficult for my hearing limitations. Just know that I’m thankful for you and hopeful for your audience! Phyllis Klei n


  2. Hi Lindsey and Kim. Love reconnecting with Each Holy Hour! Thanks to to both and Happy Autumn! Should I tinker around with a haiku, I will send it to you! Xo, Linda


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