Each Holy Hour is back. . .as a podcast!

Dear Friends-

We are delighted to share our new podcast with you!  The last couple years have been intense and we’ve been doing what you have–surviving!  But recently as our worlds began to unfold again, we missed engaging with one another and with you all, but the old format of EHH seemed too isolating.  So we decided to do what we’ve always done best over hot cups of tea–have a heart-to-heart chat where we share life, ideas, and a lot of laughter.  We invite you into the conversation.  Think of it as a wee chat between old friends–and join in!

You can find our new podcast HERE.  Or take a sneak peek by listening to our trailer:

Please subscribe, send to friends, and share your feedback with us.  We’re so excited to connect with all of you.

With love,

Lindsay and Kim

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