Episode 4: A Past of Plank and Nail

Dear Friends-

“I think this one turned out really beautifully,” read a message in my inbox this morning, alongside our new episode, “A Past of Plank and Nail.” The email was from Lindsay, and I agreed wholeheartedly. So two of us agree–we hope you do too!

In this episode, we’re stepping into an Emily Dickinson poem to discuss the framework of our faith and what our spirituality looks like when the scaffolding comes down. What is your past of plank and nail?

If you haven’t had time to listen to our last episode,  “And Yet,” please do, if only to hear a beautiful haiku by Issa read three times in different translations.

Thank you for all your warm encouragement. This is purely a labor of love for us. And as always, if you have a story about how a word, phrase, or poem has accompanied you recently, we’d be thrilled to hear it.

Please subscribe, send to friends, and share your feedback with us. 

As always, there are plenty of meditations to re-read (and blessings for every threshold of life to share with others at our website here.)

We are delighted to continue this journey with all of you.

Your companions on the journey,

Lindsay and Kim

web: https://eachholyhour.com/
FB: @eachholyhour
IG: each_holy_hour

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